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How To Increase Attendees To Your Event With A Social Media Strategy

  A Social Media Strategy for Promoting an Event   “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure” ~ Confucius   So you’re hosting an event. Your date is set, your speakers are lined up, and you have chosen a venue. We are…

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21 Week Blogging Challeng

A Blog About A Blog 1

21 Week Blogging Challenge The year 2015 is quickly coming to an end, and like most of us I have been planning my goals for next year. What are some of your goals? I started this year to blog weekly. This is my third blog post in a row. I…

Correction! 21 Week Blogging Challenge! Who Will Join Me In This Challenge?

Have you ever wanted to start a blog and ended up staring at a blank computer screen with writer’s block? Happens to me every time I get the urge to start my blog! I find myself sitting and waiting for the words to flow through my fingers and they never do.…

Blogging Challenge