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Creating your Message 2 day intensive

Creating Your Million Dollar Message

What I learned This Weekend About My Message

This past weekend October 24th & 25th I attended Maurice DiMino’s Create Your Million Dollar Message 2 days Intensive Wow! I was blown away after being in business for the last 3 years, that I was putting my message out to the world wrong!

First off I was not telling my story. I have spent a lifetime running from my story, only to learn this past weekend that my story is me and why I went into business for myself to begin with. I discovered my purpose and who I was born to be.

My Story My Message

I was born into a tumultuous life. My Mother was fighting to be heard, loved and respected, and my Father just wanted the same, but neither of them ever realized it. So for most of my life I was determined to do it all on my own. I knew that kind of life was not for me. At the age of 19 I was swept off my feet by someone who I had known all of my life, but didn’t really know. Well, what do you know I found myself in a tumultuous relationship myself. I then got pregnant and became a single mother at the age of 22.

I worked tirelessly to keep a roof over my baby’s head and was never home. I missed all the important milestones that children have. I missed most of his “firsts” After 13 years I met and fell in love again. This time with a wonderful man! My days of tumultuous relationships were finally over. I got pregnant and was able to be home with my second child and never missed a milestone again. By then my first child was 14 and I was able to be home at a critical age and time with him.

There was always a longing in me though to return to work, but I did not want to leave my kids. So one day I was watching my favorite news show “Good Morning America” they aired a segment on Virtual Administrative Assistants (VAs). ABCNews Good Morning America. I was so excited to say the least. This was perfect! It would allow me the best of both worlds.

Now this show aired in 2007.  I did not start my business until June of 2011. Those 4 years I like to call research & development (R&D). In these research years the economy was a mess. I knew that businesses could benefit from what I have to offer. My offer was that I could run small business owners office’s remotely while they attended to their business. I truly thought it was as simple as that.  It has taken several years and a lot of pounding the pavement and hand shaking and a few bumps along the way, but this year I finally turned a corner. I couldn’t have done it without attending events like these.

Not only did I learn about my story this weekend, and that I could tell it, but I could learn to love it. Although the 2 day intensive was mainly learning to speak publicly for an income, I decided that being a Public Speaker is not for me. It did, however, teach me how to tell people who I am, what I stand for, and how I can benefit them. I learned how to get their attention. Let the people know what’s in it for them. Give a few of my “Golden Nuggets”, and have an offer.

For all the small business owner’s that are reading this now. If you are staying up until the wee hours in the night checking and responding to emails, or you are missing important meetings with your clients, or you are not using social media for your business, or all of the above. I can give you those hours back in your day or night, I will never let you miss another important meeting, and I will give your business brand the optimal internet presence with return on investment (ROI).  I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant (VA) I do all your administrative tasks remotely. Saving you time and the cost of a full-time employee. You pay only for the work performed. I also do Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Blogging. I believe these 3 tasks are essential to your business brand and having an internet presence. Once I have my “Million Dollar Message” perfected, I will offer that as well.

I am still in the process of putting my million dollar message all together, but I want to invite you to follow me on Twitter and Periscope, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. I will be doing informational videos of some of my tips and tricks of some project management programs, social media posting tips, content tips and more… You don’t want do miss them, they could very well save you time and money when working on your administrative duties in your office.

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