Tucson Arizona Thanksgiving 2015

Tucson Trip Thanksgiving Week 2015

I was more thankful this Thanksgiving than any other in my life, here’s why.

I will start from the very beginning. We left California very early Sunday morning before Thanksgiving headed to Tucson, AZ. The drive is 7 1/2 hours to Tucson, AZ where my husband’s folks live. We  arrived at the Hilton Hotel El Conquistador around 3:00PM. We were greeted there by very friendly Bell Hop and Front Desk personnel. There is a lot of construction and remodeling going on right now, so the place does not look real pretty, but I’m sure it will be exceptional by the spring time. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone planning on visiting Tucson, AZ in the near future.

Tucson, AZ has to be one of the most beautiful deserts in the US.  Here is a photo of our arrival day.

View from our room

Desert View from Hilton Hotel El Conquistador

For those who have been, would you agree?

The first day of arrival was getting settled and then on to visit the grandparents. Always a treat when we can spend a holiday with loving family.

Day two consisted of a short car ride to Phoenix, AZ to pick up my Son, his lovely wife and my 18 month old grandson. After returning we visited with the grandparents and now great-grandparents and had dinner.

Day three was a day of family time game of golf. It was a warm sunny day. Perfect day for golfing. It was my husband and me plus my son and his wife. A foursome. The El Conquistador Golf Course is not located at the hotel. The hotel course is having work done, so we were lucky enough to golf a great course. Here are a few photos of our golf day.

Golfing Tucson Az

Back 9 El Conquistador Golf Course. Tucson Az

Golfing Tucson Az

Hole 1 El Conquistador Golf Course. Tucson Az

Golfing Tucson Az

We are on the Green at El Conquistador Golf Course. Tucson Az

After golfing that day we went on to have a Wagon Ride and Cookout under the stars. All Around Trail Horses Tucson, AZ that provides the Wagon Rides and Cookout . If you visit Tucson and are looking for something unique to do, I recommend these stables highly. This was  a wonderful and relaxing dinner. Here are a few photos of that evening.

Thanksgiving week 2015

Grandma, niece, and auntie with the ranch hand.

Thanksgiving week 2015

Wagon Ride Horses. One of the horses names was Bail

Thanksgiving week 2015

My Grandson and his beautiful mommy on the Wagon Ride

Our cookout dinner consisted of a choice of steaks or BBQ chicken. Served with green salad, baked potatoes and baked beans. After dinner was done we then headed over to the fire pit where we then roasted marshmallows for smores. Here are a few more photos!


Even my husband enjoyed a smore or two!

roasting marshmallows

Baby wants a smore too!


The roasting of marshmallows for smores

Day four was a long overdue trip to see Santa Claus with all the Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas and Cousins. Poor Santa saw us coming and I’m sure he wanted to hide. It was not your typical picture out of a Norman Rockwell painting. This was more like Hee Haw! Just kidding!

Tucson Mall Cousins


Tucson Mall

This is one of the cousins telling Santa his list.

Tucson Mall fountain

Grand-kids and Great-Grand Kids with Grandma and Grandpa

Finally Thanksgiving Day has arrived and the house was filled with kids, laughter, love and a whole lot of wonderful food.

Tucson 2015 Thanksgiving

The boys setting. They are ready!

Tucson 2015

Tucson AZ, Thanksgiving Table for all

Table setting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving table, Tucson 2015

The final days of the trip were spent low key. Tradition is to make flautas from the leftover turkey the day after thanksgiving. A tradition my youngest son will never allow us to forget about. That is his favorite part of all Thanksgiving with the exception of being around loved ones.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was a wonderful, relaxing and that you were able to spend the week or even just the day with loved ones.

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