Twelve Days Of Christmas My Virtual Assistant Did For Me:

On The First Day Of Christmas, My Virtual Assistant Did for Me……..

As the song goes….

There are many tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. First off let’s talk about what is a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor that usually work out of their home offices. A virtual assistant performs tasks for businesses from corporations to small businesses and entrepreneurs. I am a Virtual Assistant and I discovered recently that I am more productive for my clients when working in a co-working environment. You can find out more about a Virtual Assistants here.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is becoming a trend and most business owners are realizing to save on overhead, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great option. They are saving on payroll taxes, medical benefits and workers comp insurance. Those three things alone are huge savings to any business. Most business owners know that their time is better spent doing income generating activities for their business, so they are outsourcing the non-incoming generating activities, also known as the toil.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you might need help in your business:

  • Do you work into the wee hours catching up on email and paperwork?
  • Do you want more brand awareness, lead generation, trust, credibility & sales?
  • Are you so lost in “tasks” that customers fall through the cracks?
  • Are you too busy to go to networking events?
  • Do you focus more on lowering cost than generating revenue?
  • Do you need an assistant but you are worried about space, cost, and losing control?
  • Do you worry about your staff when you are away from the office?
  • Does your company fall apart when your not there?
  • Are you tired of paying payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and fringe benefits?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you might want to start thinking about outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant, and here is a list of tasks that can be outsourced. These are a list of tasks that we can perform for your business.

Virtual Administrative Tasks

These are the tasks that most small business owners fail to perform or they spend too much of their time on, while their customers are falling through the cracks. These tasks are what can make of break a business. They are your follow up tools and tasks that can help your business run like a well oil machine.

  • Contact database creation and management: Data Entry of contacts and editing. Manage mailing list in Email Marketing Software, SendOut Cards, and other CRM software.
  • Calendar management: Scheduling and reminder service. Reminder calls are made one to two days in advance.
  • Email screening and response: Responding request for information emails, setting up labels/folders and creating rules for incoming emails. Performing a full inbox makeover by adding email addresses into gmail or g suite for better functionality, easier access and tracking.
  • Electronic filing: Creating file folders for clients, projects and personal for organization and easy access.
  • Additional services: Word Processing, PowerPoint Presentation Design & Creation, Excel Spreadsheet design & Creation.

Social Media & Email MarketingTasks:

Every business now days should have social media profiles for most social media platforms, and they should know what social media platforms their target audience is on. If you are looking for more brand awareness then you have come to the right place. Our company is a leader in social media management. We are one of the few social media management specialist that provides analytic reports to its clients. Here is a list of tasks we perform to boost your brand awareness:

  • Create and Implement a Social Media Strategy: We will research your competitors social media platforms and develop a plan that will blow your competitors out of the water.
  • Set up or edit Social Media Profiles: We will create or edit your social media profile with better images and use some keywords for attraction.
  • Maintain Social Profiles: We will engage with your tribe friends, followers on a daily basis.
  • Set up and automate social media tasks: Create compelling social media content, graphics and videos. We will set up a post content calendar and an automation system to get your content posted on a regular basis.
  • Create e-newsletters: We will create email campaign templates, as well as newsletter content and images. We will also create email lists, groups and segments.
  • Create Lead Magnets: Write a free list or eBook that will generate leads/email addresses and traffic to your website.
  • Additional services: Image enhancement with Photoshop, website updates and blogging.

Bookkeeping Services:

As a business owner the most important part of business is making money, duh!! Believe it or not I’ve come across several business owners who don’t have any idea where their business stands financially at any time. You need to know what your expenses are and your profit and loss. It is also important for business to have a budget for marketing. Do you know how much business cards are? Do you know if you could afford to run Facebook ads? Do you know how much money is in your business account? Are you keeping up on bank and credit card statement reconciliations? Do you know if your accounting is Cash or Accrual? Finally, Do you know if your accounting is Double or Single? To have a successful growing business, your bookkeeping records need to be kept up daily. Here are some tasks my company can do for you:

  • Set up a QuickBooks online account: Based on your company needs there are three QuickBooks Accounts we could use for your business ranging in price from $5 a month to $60 and could be more if you desire payroll and QuickBooks payments, in addition to our service charge.
  • Accounts Receivable: Setting up customers information, Invoicing and Collections
  • Accounts Payable: Setting up vendors information, run checks for payments
  • Link bank accounts to QuickBooks: Categorize all transactions
  • Set up payroll: Complete weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll. Set up automated payroll tax payments.
  • Reconcile bank and Credit Card Statements: Reconcile bank and credit card statements monthly.
  • Create monthly projections and budgets: Set up a business budget and follow up weekly with client.

Our services are set up and designed so that any business could use us. We are a full-service office support. To learn more about what other things can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant, Chris Ducker, a well known Author, Coach and Speaker has written an article 101 Tasks You Can Outsource

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